Saturday, November 19, 2005

Christmas is coming!

Hey everyone! Sorry i havent been around much. been pretty busy. Oh i had a great time on my birthday by the way. i got sooooo loaded! lol

Well, christmas is coming and i would just love to buy myself a new computer and webcam as a gift to myself :) But i am beyond poor at this moment lol you know, bills, gifts and such?

But, i was thinking if everyone that looks at my site were to donate just a little to me, i would be able to purchase a kick ass system lol Please consider it?
I would love to start putting on cam shows for you all(women included lol) So please considere it.

And if you would like something in return for the money you are donating to me, why dont you check out my site and make a purchase :) thanks bunches.

Gimme a call so i can get you off!!! I would love for you to hear me scream.



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