Friday, April 15, 2005

Getting a little bummed.

I am getting a little bummed as of late. Seems the phone has been mighty quiet lately.

where are all you guys? i am sooo horny and there is no one to help me get off :-( It also sucks cause i have not had cable since january because my bill has gotten to high, do you believe they actually want money if i want to continue my service?? how rude lol

I owe lots on my credit cards as well....guess i am a shopaholic or somethin. Well lately i have been trying to catch up like big time. i have hardly been buying anything for me.

I have had my wish list up for like ever(up til recently cause i accidently deleted it, but its back)and no one has bought me anything. :-( I also have NEVER used a toy on myself before. thats right boys, im a sex toy virgin. Come de-virginize me, would ya. i am going to see if i can put a wishlist up of sex toys as well. i would really love some.

So, if you like the call, why not give me a tip? :-)

smooches. i love each and every one of ya!



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