Sunday, June 26, 2005

Yes, it gets hot in Canada too lol

Hey all! i know a lot of you think you live in canada, it must be sooo cold. well im here to say WRONG! it gets sooo hot in the summertime.

It is pretty hot right now actually, i have the fan blowin on me, feels good :)

I am on holidays all next week June 27th until July 1st(Canada day!!) I hope you will call me to wish me a Happy Canada Day :) I will be available most of the week, so pick up that phone and give me a call.

I love talking to you all, you all mean so much to me.

Luv ya, hugs and kisses,


Friday, June 17, 2005


Hey everyone, i havent wrote anything here in awhile, thought i would update you all :-)
Well last time i wrote i said i dont have any sex toys, i have since bought a vibrator! yay!

I also mentioend that i have not had cable since january since my bill is so high, well i am getting cable tomorrow, wooo hooo!!! so keep those calls comin in, so i can start getting ahead with everything.

I am planning on buying a computer and webcam very soon so i can start doing shows for you all. Keep those calls coming, so i can afford to buy these things.

Well thats about all thats new with me. id luv to hear some comments from you! i will answer any and all comments.

Luv ya all.