Thursday, March 24, 2005

Easter Weekend

Well it is finally here!! the weekend i have been waiting for. I will be home taking your calls for 4 whole days!!!! hmmm i wonder how often i can cum in 4 days?? you should call me and help me find out! :-)

i am sitting here wearing pants and a bra with no shirt. once you call, i will definately be loosin the pants!!

call me, i really need to cum.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Sick as a dog.

Hey guys. I have been so sick, so that is why i have not been available as much as i should be. I chose not to work friday night and all day saturday.

I have missed hearing you guys cum and making me cum, that i decided to be available today, i just miss it to damn much!

Give me a call! i want to hear you cum.


Saturday, March 12, 2005


well, i put in a background for my homepage at , hope you all like it. its not the best, but its ok for a newbie i guess lol

let me all know what you think of my new page. thanks babes!!!

Monday, March 07, 2005

March 7/05

Well, i am playing hooky from work today! Aren't you boys the lucky ones??? now i am free to take your calls ALL day long! *smile*

I will be taking a nap shortly though, i need my rest if im to answer the phone all day, now dont i??

well i just wanted to let everyone know that im home "sick" today!



Sunday, March 06, 2005

Weekend of March 6th/05

This is a test, so bear with me. I have never done a blog before. so lets see if i can do it!
Well i went to the bar friday night. Sang my heart out and got drunk!! Oh, did i mention i love karaoke?? So, it was a karaoke bar.

A week earlier i had met a guy that i have been talking to on the net. So friday i went to see him again with a friend of mine. We both knew how the evening was going to end. :-)

We left the bar together and came back to my place. Well as we got here, he realized he left his bag at the bar, damn! I wasnt that annoyed til i found out the condoms were in that bag! shitty deal! but we made due without. *smile*

it was a night of sucking and fingering and suckin cock! mmmm he is kind of inexperienced, but he was great at licking my pussy! and i loved it when he fingered me as well.

I am such a horny gal! So, that was my weekend. why dont you call me and tell me how your weekend went??

Til next time.....